Digital Portfolio 2

1) Cornell Notes


Cornell Notes have been around for a good amount of time. These set of notes are very helful to someone wanting to get organized and just for organization period. Cornell notes are one of the most effective ways to take notes, and they can be used for any subject. The note-taking style was created to help students maintain organization so that they would keep good grades and become disciplined. And surely enough the method has helped because many colleges and Universities and many highschools have adopted this style of note-taking.

2) Argumentation

Argumentation is the act of stating a thesis, then giving back up to your thesis by supporting it with data, then once you have done that, give the end result which is called the warrant. Argumentation is important because you must know how to debate or explain your side of an argument and you have to be able to back it up with facts and details to support it.

Dread Scott wanted to sue for his freedom after his slave master had died. The southerns made their statement as to say that he could not sue for his freedom because he was a slave. But of course this was wrong because like the Constitution states, every man shall be created equal, therefore he has the right and he was born with the right to sue for his freedom. Eventhough he did not win his case, Dread Scott was the first African American slave to sue for his freedom and he was truthfully supposed to be free.

3) Document Analysis
Document Analysis is the act of looking at a document and being able to pick out each and every important or main part or event in the document. It is important to be able to do this because maybe you will have a test or a quiz wwhere you have to read a document and analize it to a certain extent.
Lets take the Indian Removal Act for example. The Indian Removal Act was a document written and publish by the President at the time, Andrew Jackson. The document stated that all of the Native American that were already living on the lands in the south and had been for a long long time. Andrew Jackson wanted to remove the Native Americans from their homelands because he wanted to expand the country and he couldnt unless the Natives were gone. So, therefore, he made this document warning the Natives that if they don’t remove themselves from the territory, then they will be forcibly removed. Of course some of them refused President Jackson, and there were battles fought with the Natives, over the land in the south. But the Americans won the battles and ended up kicking the Natives Americans out west. The significance is that since he kicked those people out, they lost their homeland and they lost years and years of traditions that were very sacred to them but of course the Americans did not care one bit.

4) Timeline

A Timeline is a long strip of events put into order that have happened in the past or present day. A timiline can be really useful when you need to look up a certain event that has happened, because all you have to do is look back down the timeline because everything is in order and it will be easy to locate the event you are looking for.
(can’t find my timeline)

5) Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction is a document or a quote by a historian on a certain event he or she witnessed or was told by another person. Historical Fiction is important because what one historian is sayong could be different from what another historian claims is true. So, you have to be very careful when readin documents by historians and you have to pay close attention to what each historian has said about the certain event or document.
This is a link that has some conversation on if history really happened or not.

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Jacob Riis

Jacob Riis was a Danish immigrant from Denmark, he traveled to America in the late 1880’s. Once he arrived here, in New York , he explored the five point slums and experienced the harsh and bitter living conditions of the immigrants that had already been living there. At first he tried writing newspaper articles, that tried to explain the harsh and bitter living conditions of the five point slums. He even added illustrations to try and show the people of New York what the living conditions were like, but the illustrations were too dark.  Then one day he discovered a certain camera power, that allowed him to take pictures of the five point slums at anytime of day, even in the pitch black nights. Then he published a book called How the Other Half Lives, which was very much a success. His book explained to the people of New York and everyone other than the immigrants, the harsh and bitter connditions they lived in and the photos that he took, made the people of America realize that they aren’t the only ones living on earth and that the immigrants deserved better living conditions than what they already had. The President, Theodore Roosevelt was touched by the book the most, and agreed to help the immigrants right away. Jacob Riis is known as a hero to those of the immigrants and if not for his dedication and hard work, the immigrants might have never progressed.


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Tenth Amendment

This Amendment states that the powers not to delegate go the state or the people

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Ninth Amendment

This Amendment states that no right can deny or disparage other rights retained by the people

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Eighth Amendment

The Eighth Amendment states that there shall be no excessive bail

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Seventh Amendment

The Seventh Amendment states that the right of trial by jury shall be preserved

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Sixth Amendment

The Sixth Amendment states the right to a speedy trial

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Fifth Amendment

You have the right to remain silent, and anything you say can and will be held against you in the court of law

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Fourth Amendment

It garantees the security of persons, houses, papers, and effects from unreasonable searches and seizures

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Third Amendment

Blocks the government from quatering a soldier in a house with the owner wanting them there

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