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1) Cornell Notes:

Cornell Note-taking is one of the most affective ways to takes out of all the ways to take notes. Cornell notes is all about organization and can really help you succeed. Cornell notes were first put together at Cornell University by one of their professors. Now, Cornell Notes are used all of the country and im sure in other parts of the world. If there is ever a problem with taking notes, then people should turn to the Cornell method.


Argumentation is when you debate with another person or persons on a particular subject matter that has taken place or has already taken place. I’ll use Federal Government for example. The first thing is that the Federal Government is basically on the people of America’s side. They protect the Americans from the government. They make sure that the government does not take over the people. Second the Federal Government protects the rights of the people. One of the main jobs for the Federal Government is to make sure the rights of the people of America are protected and that the government doesn’t take them away. Without Federal Government, America would be just like the monarchy and parliament in Great Britain and Parliament.

Document Analysis

2.7 Federalist Papers

         Document Analysis is the analyzation of a document that you have covered, observed, and read. When you analyze a document, you want to look for the main ieas, and most important points you read about, or saw in the document. For example, i will analyze part of the Federalist Papers. One of the most important parts of the Federalist Papers, was Federalist NO.10. Federalist NO.1o was an essay written by James Madison to make sure that the government didn’t become to powerful. The document helped to secure citizens rights and protect them from being over ruled by the government.

Symbolic Representation

Symbolic Representation is when you observe a document or an object of some sort, and you look for key words or key symbols that help explain the document or object better. If you look for Symbolic Representation, it will make observing and recognizing symbols  a lot easier.

As an example i will look for Symbolic Representation in this document, which is the Preamble. “We the People” is a very important symbol in the Preamble, which means “we,” as in the people of America. Another important symbol in the Preamble is “do ordain and establish the Constitution, for the  United States of America.” This symbol means that we must establish a strong country, by establishing a strong Constitution to keep America going onward in the right direction.

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